Turkish Handwoven Carpets Project (TEH)

Carpet weaving, which has a special place in our traditional handicrafts is being addressed through a specialized project called “Turkish Carpet Handweaving” (“TEH”). Identifying that the carpet handweaving is going under a compromise of quality especially with regard to correctness of patterns, the project aims to market products which are made with the correct patterns, pure wool and root dyes, in order to provide a role model to the private sector in terms of quality exports as well as securing an additional income to community sections with a low income level.

Under the Turkish Hand Carpet weaving Project launched in 1986, the carpets in museums, mosques and special collections were scanned and researched with diligent efforts, and as a result, 5000 historic carpets owned by Anatolia were photographed and archived. The 5-volume “Turkish Handwoven Carpets” which contain 500 examples which reflect the characteristics of our traiditonal carpets were published by prestige publication. The catalogue is available at our stores.

Our Ministry has undertaken scientific research on Turkish Carpet Handweaving, collected the necessary archiving, modeled the production of handwoven carpets in correct patterns and materials, and provided employment for many people through marketing support.

Carpet handweaving is now an indispensable potential of the Turkish tourism sector. Aside from its economic potential, Turkish carpets are important promoters of our culture to the world.

Turkish Carpet Handweaving Project (“TEH”) which was initiated to improve carpet handweaving, constituted an examples to those who are active in this sector, and brought a brand new dimension to the carpet handweaving market.

Carpets which are produced through this project are sold in our Handicrafts Stores located in various provinces.

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