Müzekart and Müzekart + holders are insured
The holders of the Muzekart and Muzekart+ will now receive Personal Insurance Support for Accidents for free.

The promotional and marketing activities for Muzekart, which aims to expose our citizens to the rich historical and cultural legacy of our country, continue in various areas in order to increase the advantages offered by the card and the sustain the increase in demand for the coming years.

To this end, a protocole was signed between TURSAB-MTM Business Partnership and Zurich Insurance Inc. to offer a free insurance to the holders of Muzekart and Muzekart+, the governing principles of which are as follows:

- Individuals who purchase a Muzekart and Muzekart+ from 1 October will receive a free Personal Insurance of Accidents for the duration of their cards.

- Insurance Policy for Personal Accidents will offer 10.000 TL per person guarantee in case of death and permanent invalidity for holders of cards which cost 30 TL and 50 TL, and 5.000TL per person guarantee for holders of the cards which cost 15 TL.

- For Provisional Muzekart holders, the insurance will be activated when they call 444 6893 TURSAB-MTM Business Partnership Call Center and complete a registration.

Muzekart holders can call 444 0 665 to find out more about their insurance coverage and for other questions.