Agency Müzekart is available on March 20, 2013

Agency (Acenta) Müzekart

 *It is designed for use by tour clients by travel agencies.

*The card holder will be able to personalize the card by writing their name on the back of the card. The card will be used only by the holder.

*The Muzekart for Agencies without a photo and an expiration date will be valid for single use within 7 days in museums and historical sites with an electronic toll gate operated by the Ministry.

*It is possible to turn this card into a Muzekart valid for one year starting from the date of first use.

*In order to convert the card into a Muzekart, the card holder should apply to Muzekart Sales Points witha photo I.D.

*During the personalization of the card, a photo and expiration date will be added to the back of the card, following which it will be a Muzekart which is valid in all museums and historical sites operated by the Ministry.

*Since the rights to pass which have been used before the personalization are marked on the card, there will not be any additional right to pass. The twice-in-a-year passing right will be activated once the card is processed at the toll gate.

• Please click on the following link for information about museums and historical sites which accept Museum Card for Agencies as well as Muzekart sales points which allow for personalization.