Change in Practice for Müzekart

As of 01.01.2013, the rules for the use of Muzekart are adjusted in a way to grant once-a-year entrance right to each museum and historical site. The reason for this update is to relieve the load on the physical capacities of museums, especially those which attract a high level of visitor traffic, thus taking an important measure towards preserving the cultural assets of our country.

However, as a result of the evaluation of the first data about this new practice, it was decided to revise the policy considering that one visit will not be enough to some museums and historical sites which boast both a colossal physical space and wealth of items.

To this effect, with the most recent changes in regulations, a full Muzekart sold for 30 TL will allow twice-a-year entrance in museums and historical sites which have an electronic toll gate. Also, in parallel to the emphasis placed on this project by the Ministry with regard to social responsibility, this limitation will not be binding for discount Muzekarts, and the holders of such cards (teachers and students) will be able to visit museums and historical sites on an unlimited basis.

In museums and historical sites without a technological security point, this limitation will not be applied until a toll gate is in place.

Announced to the public with respect.