Ministry of Culture and Tourism Central Directorate of Revolving Funds; was established pursuant to the Revolving Fund law number 2252 which was adopted on 19.06.1979, and in accordance with the same law the institution has public entity.

Central Directorate of Revolving Funds (DÖSİMM) is an institution that operated with its own resources and without assistance from the general budget.

Ministiry of Culture and Tourism’s DÖSİMM, has the largest budget and employment, carries out the business operations of the ministry and provides resources for protection and development of cultural heritage, culture and tourism infrastructure investments.

Commonly known as traditional crafts and book stores are operated by DÖSİMM. Apart from this; collected museums and ruins’ revenues, to be let willings use our ministries’ historical places for short-term, renting of museums, ruins, cultural centers, commercial units of galleries and libraries are among the DÖSİMM tasks.